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What is bite type fitting?

A bite type fitting is a removable device that connects two pipes or fittings in which at least a portion of one pipe or fitting is retractable.

bite type fitting consists of:

It consists of three parts: connector body, ferrule and nut. During assembly, put the ferrule and nut on the steel pipe, and then insert it into the joint body. When the nut is tightened, the outside of the front end of the ferrule fits the conical surface of the joint body, and the inner blade evenly bites into the seamless steel pipe to form an effective seal. When two pipes or pipe fittings are plugged into each other, the telescopic part will elastically expand and contract to achieve a tight sealing effect at the joint.

bite type fitting features:

  1. It can be applied to various types and specifications of pipelines and has wide applicability.
  2. Easy to install and disassemble, and can quickly connect and disconnect two pipes or fittings.
  3. It has good sealing performance and shock resistance, which can prevent the leakage of media and the entry of dust.
  4. Simple and compact structure, easy to manufacture and maintain, and long service life.
  5. Can be assembled and debugged on site without special tools and equipment.

Please note when using bite type fitting:

It is necessary to select the appropriate ferrule specifications to avoid pipe blockage or loose sealing. At the same time, during the assembly process, avoid damaging the ferrule to ensure its sealing performance. After use, regular maintenance and care should be performed, and the ferrules and nuts should be cleaned and lubricated to maintain their good working condition.

bite type fitting application:

It has been widely used in various industrial and civil fields, such as water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, gas, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, thermal pipelines and other fields. It can be used to connect horizontal, vertical, and inclined pipelines, as well as the inlet and outlet pipelines of various fixed and mobile equipment.

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