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Brief Overview of BSP Male Captive Seal/BSP Female fittings

Today, we’re diving deep into BSP Male Captive Seal / BSP Female fittings.

BSP  Male Capitive Seal/BSP    Female  ISO 1179 5B-WD
BSP  Male Captive Seal / BSP Female  Fittings ISO 1179 5B-WD

Materials Used

Medium Carbon Steel

The primary material used in these fittings is medium carbon steel. Known for its durability and strength, this material ensures long-lasting performance.

Stainless Steel

Some fittings also come in stainless steel, offering corrosion resistance and a sleek look.


Brass is another option, especially popular for its corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.



One of the best things about these fittings is their interchangeability. They can be swapped out with PARKER fittings.


Similarly, they can be interchanged with EATON fittings, offering you more flexibility.


And yes, CAST fittings too! The options are almost endless.

BSP Male Captive Seal / BSP Female fittings Additional Components

Ferrule and Nuts

You can also choose ferrules and nuts to match, making your fitting more secure.

retaining nuts
retaining nuts

Pressure Ratings

These fittings are available in low-pressure variants, suitable for less demanding applications. For more demanding tasks, high-pressure options are also available, with ratings up to 63Mpa.

Custom Design Options

Custom designs can be provided to meet your specific needs.

Versatility Across Industries

From the automotive sector to the oil and gas industry, these fittings find applications in a variety of fields.

Installation Ease

With a male connection and hexagon head type, these fittings are designed for convenient installation.

Other Adaptors

In addition to BSP Male Captive Seal/BSP Female fittings, HQ also offers these adaptors:

BSP/BSPT Thread Fitting
BSP/BSPT Thread Fitting

Male x Male Adaptors

These come in a variety of options, including BSP, BSPT, JIC, SAE, NPTF, SORB, and metric.

Male x Swivel Female Adaptors

Huiqi supplies many types, including BSP, metric, JIC, and NPSM.

Swivel Female x Swivel Female Adaptors

These are available in combinations of BSP, metric, JIC, NPSM, and NPTF.

Male x Fixed Female & Fixed Female x Female Adaptors

A wide variety of options are stocked, including BSP, BSPT, NPTF, SAE, metric, and JIC.


In a nutshell, BSP Male Captive Seal/BSP Female fittings are versatile, durable, and meet industry standards. They offer a range of options and are indispensable in hydraulic, gas, and water systems.


  1. What materials are these fittings made of?
    • They are primarily made of medium carbon steel, but stainless steel and brass options are also available.
  2. Can these fittings be interchanged with other brands?
    • Yes, they are interchangeable with PARKER, EATON, and CAST fittings.
  3. What are the pressure ratings?
    • They are available in both low and high-pressure variants, with high-pressure options going up to 63Mpa.
  4. Are custom designs available?
    • Absolutely, custom designs can be provided to meet specific needs.
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