Bite Type Tube Fitting

Fittings threads including BSP, BSPT, SAE, JIS, DIN, ISO, Metric, and more, while also providing custom OEM services.

Bite type tube fittings assemblies  are that primarily consist of three basic components: the connector body, the ferrule, and the nut. The ferrule is a metallic ring with a sharp edge at the inner circular end. When assembled, this edge cuts into the seamless steel tube being connected and, with the cooperation of the nut, achieves both connection and sealing functions.

Bite type tube fittings Application: Bite-type tube fittings are mainly used to connect and secure seamless steel tubes and other rigid tubes to other equipment or tube components, achieving transition connections and seals.

We recommend purchasing the biting ferrule, nut, and bite type fittings as a set, marked with the suffix RN.

Bite type tube fittings with thread standards :including BSP, BSPT, SAE, JIC,JIS, DIN, ISO, Metric, and more, while also providing custom OEM services.

Note: Special dimension and other standard fitting can be customized, OEM/ODM is welcomed.

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China Huiqi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality hydraulic  fittings & hoses.
The main products include tube fittings, hose  fittings, hydraulic hoses,adapters, hose assemblies, flanges, and other kinds of hydraulic parts.
We can produce BSP, BSPT, SAE, JIS, DIN, ISO, Metric, etc. international standard fittings and provide OEM services.

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