Parker Standard Hydraulic Fittings

Parker Standard Bite Type Fittings are high-quality connectors known for their well-designed and durable construction. These fittings utilize a ferrule-biting technology that creates a tighter connection between two tubes or fittings, ensuring safety, leak-proof performance, and anti-vibration capabilities.

One unique feature is the visible bite design, allowing assembly personnel to visually inspect the quality of the bite. This design reduces issues caused by improper assembly and enhances the safety of the equipment.


Applications of Parker Bite-type Fittings:

Agricultural Equipment: Used in various hydraulic systems in agricultural machinery like tractors and irrigation pumps.

Automotive Manufacturing: Employed in the automotive manufacturing process for connecting and securing various pipelines and hydraulic components.

Chemical Transportation: Provides safe, leak-proof connections in the production and transportation of chemicals.

Construction Equipment: Utilized in hydraulic systems in construction equipment such as elevators and pumps.

Fuel Transportation: Ensures safe, leak-proof connections in fuel transport pipelines and hydraulic components.

Hydraulic Systems: Provides high-pressure, leak-proof connections between tubes and components in various hydraulic systems.

Manufacturing Equipment: Used to connect and secure various pipelines and hydraulic components in different manufacturing equipment.

In general, Parker bite type fittings are widely used in any equipment requiring tube connections. They offer not only efficient and reliable connections but also ensure the safety and stability of the system.

In summary, Parker bite type fittings are known for their durability, safety features, and wide range of applications. Their visible bite design enhances assembly accuracy and system safety, making them a preferred choice in numerous industries.

Note: Special dimension and other standard fitting can be customized, OEM/ODM is welcomed.

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