Swaged Hose Fitting

Swaged Hose Fitting combination:

Swaged hose fittings are used with high-pressure rubber hoses reinforced with steel wires, mainly composed of the fitting nut, core, and sleeve, combined using a machine swaging process.

Swaged Hose Fitting How to connect:

Swaged hose fittings are primarily used to connect high-pressure steel wire-reinforced rubber hoses to other tube components. One end is connected to the high-pressure rubber hose through a press machine, and the other end is attached to other pipe components using the fitting’s nut or flange.

Swaged Hose Fitting How to assemble:

Before assembly, a layer of outer rubber is stripped from the hose. The sleeve is then fitted onto the high-pressure hose and the fitting core is inserted to the maximum depth. The sleeve is placed on the press machine and swaged using a corresponding mold. The swaging process embeds the circular teeth on the inner conical surface of the sleeve into the steel wire layer of the high-pressure hose, achieving a firm connection. At the same time, the outer conical surface of the fitting core compresses the inner rubber layer of the high-pressure hose, achieving a seal.

Swaged hose fittings offer high reliability, excellent leak resistance, and the ability to withstand high pressure. They allow for secure connections, enhancing the efficiency of fluid systems.

Swaged Hose Fitting application:

Swaged hose fittings are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and various types of industrial machinery.

Huiqi can provide high-quality swaged hose fittings according to customer drawings or samples.

Note: Special dimension and other standard fitting can be customized, OEM/ODM is welcomed.

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