Compact steel wire braided hydraulic rubber hose R16 hose manufacturer near me

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This hydraulic hose features an oil-resistant synthetic rubber inner layer, steel wire reinforcement (1 or 2 braided layers), and a weather-resistant synthetic rubber cover.

1.2 Inner Rubber Layer

Ensuring compatibility with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, the inner rubber layer provides a reliable conduit for fluid transmission.

2. Applications of SAE 100 R16

2.1 Compatibility with Hydraulic Fluids

Designed to work seamlessly with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, the hose ensures optimal performance in various applications.

2.2 Temperature Range

Operating between -40°C to +121°C (-40°F to +250°F), it remains functional even in extreme conditions.

3. Significance of Compact Design

3.1 Enhanced Flexibility

The compact design allows for increased flexibility, making it suitable for applications with tight spaces.

3.2 Space Efficiency

In industries where space is a premium, the compact design offers a space-efficient solution without compromising power.

4. Advantages of SAE 100 R16

4.1 Optimal Performance

Engineered for optimal hydraulic performance, providing a steady and efficient flow of fluids in critical applications.

4.2 Longevity

Quality materials and design ensure a long service life, reducing maintenance costs.

4.3 Versatility

Suitable for various industries, from automotive applications to industrial machinery.

5. Choosing the Right Hose

5.1 Assessing Fluid Compatibility

Ensure compatibility with specific hydraulic fluids used in your application.

5.2 Temperature Considerations

Consider the temperature range for optimal performance.


6. Maintenance Tips

6.1 Inspection

Regularly inspect the hose for signs of wear, damage, or leaks.

6.2 Correct Installation

Ensure proper installation to prevent issues compromising effectiveness.

6.3 Avoiding Abrasive Environments

Protect the hose from abrasive materials and environments.

7. Industry Applications

7.1 Automotive Sector

Used in power steering systems and hydraulic brake systems for reliable performance.

7.2 Industrial Machinery

A go-to solution for hydraulic systems demanding a compact design without sacrificing power.

8. Bursting Myths About Hydraulic Hoses

8.1 One-Size-Fits-All

Hydraulic hoses come in various sizes and specifications to meet diverse needs.

9. Enhancing Precision in Fluid Conveyance

Exploring how SAE 100 R16 enhances specificity in fluid movement.



  1. Is the SAE 100 R16 hose suitable for all hydraulic fluids? The hose is specifically designed for petroleum-based hydraulic fluids.
  2. What temperature range does the hose operate within? It functions between -40°C to +121°C (-40°F to +250°F).
  3. Can it be used in tight spaces? Yes, the compact design enhances flexibility, making it suitable for tight spaces.
  4. How do I ensure a long service life for the hose? Regular inspection, correct installation, and avoiding abrasive environments are key to longevity.
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