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Hydraulic fittings are used for the connection between pipe and pipe, pipe and hydraulic components. The main role is: fixed pipe; can be appropriate deformation to compensate for the positioning error of hydraulic components; in the pipeline has a certain vibration still maintain a seal.

hydraulic fittings consist of two parts: one part is connected to the pipe, and the other part is connected to other components or pipes. These two parts are then connected by threads. How is a fitting connected to a bare pipe?

  1. Hard pipe connection

a) Flared: For copper or thin-walled steel tube connection, can also be used to connect nylon and plastic tubes, generally the pressure is not high in the hydraulic system of the machine tool, the application is more common.

b) ferrule type: when tightening the nut of the tube fitting, the use of the taper at both ends of the jacket to produce elastic deformation of the jacket to clamp the pipe. This pipe fitting is easy to install and disassemble, suitable for high-pressure system of steel pipe connection, but the manufacturing process requires high, strict requirements on the pipe.

c) Welded: Used to connect the thicker walled steel pipe, used in higher pressure hydraulic transmission system.

hydraulic fittings
hydraulic fittings

a) Flare type b) Tube type c) Welded type

Hard pipe joint type

d) Flange type:

hdydraulic flanges
hdydraulic flanges

2.Hose Fitting

The shape requirements of the connecting part of the fittings used with different hoses may be different, and it is necessary to observe the provisions of the hose supplier. The connection method is shown below.

Hot Sell skving Metric Female 24 cone L.T Hydraulic Pipe Fitting
Hot Sell skving Metric Female 24 cone L.T Hydraulic Pipe Fitting

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