BSP thread hydraulic fittings

How do you tell what size a hydraulic fitting is?

When it comes to identifying the specifications of a fitting, here’s a straightforward method to follow: 1,Double Ended Striaght Male Thread Hydraulic Fittings: Start by selecting one end of the…

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BSP hydraulic fittings

BSP Male Captive Seal / BSP Female Fittings: Durability and Versatility

Brief Overview of BSP Male Captive Seal/BSP Female fittings Today, we’re diving deep into BSP Male Captive Seal / BSP Female fittings. Materials Used Medium Carbon Steel The primary material…

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g thread

What is G thread?

G thread G thread is with a 55°apex angle used on originally inch-based pipes. The BSPP thread has the same parallel straight as the G thread. BSPP thread Vs G…

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BSP thread fittings

British Standard Pipe: BSP, BSPP, BSPT

British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads are by far the most popular with the United Kingdom, all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa adopting these standards. What are BSPT…

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Huiqi BSP thread fittings

Deep Dive into Threaded Fittings: Types, Applications, and Selection

Threaded fittings, primarily made of steel, play a key role in various pipeline systems. This guide explores their different types, applications, and the process of selecting the right one for…

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