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Dive into the World of Bite-type fittings

Let’s unravel the fascinating world of bite-type fittings, rocking the DIN2353 standard. These pipe connectors are not your average Joe – they boast cool features that make them the superheroes of pipeline systems. Buckle up as we explore these features and learn the ropes for a smooth installation journey.

1. Lock and Seal with a 24° Taper

Imagine tightening a nut and, voila, your bite-type fitting snugly fits into a 24° taper, creating a robust seal. It’s like a superhero cape for your pipes. And guess what? You don’t need a degree in rocket science – just a wrench and you’re good to go!

2. Flexibility with Elastic Bite Sealing Ring Tech

Picture this: a sealing ring that flexes and bends like your favorite yoga instructor. That’s what the elastic bite sealing ring does, boosting the bite-type fitting’s anti-seepage powers (see Figure 5 for a sneak peek).

3. No Oxide Skin Pollution Here!

Welded fittings might leave your pipeline in a mess, but not our bite joints. They’re clean, tidy, and won’t pollute your pipes with oxide skin during installation. Perfect for both high and low-pressure setups!

4. Precision Seamless Steel Tubes: The VIP Requirement

For the ultimate bite-type fitting experience, we insist on precision seamless steel tubes. It’s like choosing a red carpet for your pipes, ensuring they walk in style and last longer. Check out the specifics for the VIP treatment.

5. DIY Bite Adventure for Non-Precision Tubes

Can’t get your hands on precision tubes? No worries! We’ve got a plan B – flare-type fittings. It’s like having a backup dance move for any situation. Stay flexible, stay awesome!

hydraulic DIN bite-type fittings
hydraulic DIN bite-type fittings

II) DIY Bite Fittings: Your Installation Cheat Sheet

Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get hands-on with the bite-type fittings installation. No pressure, just follow our easy-peasy guide.

1. Tube Prep Time

1.1 Chop It Right: Vertical Sawing Magic

Grab a tube, saw it vertically (±3° error is cool), and keep that face and axis in check. Think of it as giving your tube a stylish haircut – precision matters!

1.2 Smooth Moves: Deburring and Chamfering

Smooth is the name of the game. Lightly deburr the pipe surfaces, throw in a 0.2 × 45° chamfer, and your tube is ready to party.

1.3 Bend It Like Beckham (or Better)

Planning some bends? Make sure the straight pipe’s end-to-bend length is twice the nut’s height. Need bending gear? We’re just a question away.

2. Bite Pre-Game

2.1 Grease Up, Buttercup!

A bit of grease magic on the nut threads, fitting body, and bites. Stainless steel fittings? Cue the special grease, ASW 040 P2. Now, push, twist, and make sure your bite is looking at the right direction (Figure 1 is your GPS).

2.2 Connect the Dots (or Pipes)

Press that steel pipe into the pre-installed connector, hand-tighten the nut, and give it a final twist with a wrench. Feel the force, and for larger pipes, grab a longer wrench (Figures 2 and 3 – your visual aids).

3. Pipe Party: Final Installation Act

3.1 Seal the Deal with Bite Seal

If a seal is the VIP of your installation, slide it onto the bite (Figure 5 has the deets). Insert the pre-installed tube into the fitting body, wrench-tighten the nut until it says “No more!” and give it an extra half twist (Figures 6 and 7 – your final moves).

Note: No spinning the pipe during nut tightening, and the bite seal? One-time deal, folks. It’s for the grand finale and leak-proof magic.

hydraulic DIN bite-type fittings
hydraulic DIN bite-type fittings

Wrapping Up the Bite Fiesta

In a nutshell, bite-type fittings are your pipeline’s best friend – clean, efficient, and stylish. Understanding their superhero features and acing the installation game ensures a happy and leak-free pipeline journey.

FAQs – Because We Know You Have Questions

  1. Can bite-type fittings handle the pressure in high-pressure systems?
    • Absolutely! Bite-type fittings are the superheroes of both high and low-pressure common pipeline systems.
  2. Why the fuss about precision seamless steel tubes for bite joints?
    • Think of it as giving your pipes a red carpet experience – precision seamless steel tubes ensure longevity and top-notch performance.
  3. Can I play with the bite seal more than once?
    • Sorry, once it’s on, it’s on! Bite seals are for the final act and leak-proof magic only.
  4. What’s the backup plan for non-precision tubes?
    • Enter flare-type fittings! They’re the dance moves you didn’t know you needed. Stay flexible, my friend.
  5. How crucial is it to get the tube sawing right?
    • Imagine it’s the key to the bite kingdom. Correct tube sawing ensures a smooth installation – don’t underestimate its importance.
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