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Metric Hydraulic Fittings

Metric hydraulic fittings are components used in hydraulic systems following the metric measurement system. These fittings connect hydraulic hoses, tubes, and pipes to fittings and other components.

Metric hydraulic fittings align with the metric measurement system, which is globally prevalent.

90° Elbow Metric Male Bite Type Flange ISO 6162 1CFL9 1DFS9 1CFL9-RN 1DFS9-RN
90° Elbow Metric Male Bite Type Flange ISO 6162 1CFL9 1DFS9 1CFL9-RN 1DFS9-RN

Types of Metric Hydraulic Fittings

  • Port fittings: These are typically used in high-pressure hydraulic systems.
  • Flare fittings: Known for their 60° flared end, they offer a leak-free tube connection.
  • DIN fittings: Common in Europe, these fittings use a sleeve and nut for tube attachment.
  • Adapters: These allow the interface of metric plumbing to imperial ports.

BSP thread fittings

BSP (British Standard Pipe) thread fittings are a family of standard screw thread types that have been adopted internationally for connecting and sealing pipes and fittings by mating an external (male) with an internal (female) thread.

90° Elbow BSPT Female 7T9
90° Elbow BSPT Female 7T9

Types of BSP threads

  1. BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel): BSPP or parallel threads are used for joining pipes or fittings that have the same diameter. These are also known as G threads. A bonded seal or washer is used for sealing purposes in a BSPP fitting.
  2. BSPT (British Standard Pipe Taper): BSPT or tapered threads provide a tight seal for gases and liquids under pressure. The seal is made on the threads by the interference of the threads. A good thread sealant is often required to make the seal completely leak-proof.

Selecting the Right Hydraulic Fittings

To select the correct metric hydraulic fitting, you need to consider the pressure and flow requirements of your system, which dictate the size and type of hydraulic hose, tube, or pipe. You also need to consider the physical size of the fittings and adapters, as well as the strength requirements.

Despite their widespread usage, care should be taken while selecting BSP fittings because an incorrect match could result in a leaky connection. Also, while BSP and NPT threads may seem compatible due to similar sizes, they are not interchangeable because of the difference in their thread forms and pitch (angle of the thread).

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