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Understanding the Swaging Process

Swaging, a critical step in the assembly of steel wire braided hydraulic hoses, involves the careful embedding of the rubber layer and steel wire within the outer jacket of the coupling. The success of this process hinges on achieving the perfect balance between looseness and tightness. Too tight a swage can result in deformation of the inner hole, leading to hose buckling, while excessive looseness may cause the coupling to detach under pressure.

hose swageing machine
hose swageing machine

Grasping Compression Rate for Hose Joint Buckling

Achieving a flawless steel wire braided hydraulic hose joint buckling demands a meticulous approach. Two key factors come into play: the compression rate of the steel wire braided hydraulic hose and the amount of buckling in the joint jacket. It is imperative to consider the inner diameter of the hose, the changes in the outer diameter of the steel wire layer, and the hydraulic hose compression rate to ensure a secure joint and prevent hose buckling.

Calculating Buckling Diameter

The buckling diameter (D) of the joint jacket is a critical parameter in the swaging process. Employ the following formula to determine D:

D = (d1 - d2) + [D0 - (D2 - D1)] - E(D1 - d2 - A) (mm)


  • D0: Outer diameter of the jacket
  • D1: Outer diameter of the steel wire layer
  • D2: Inner diameter of the jacket
  • d1: Outer diameter of the quick coupling core
  • d2: Inner diameter of the hose
  • A: Thickness of the steel wire layer
  • E: Compression ratio
hydraulic rubber hose
hydraulic rubber hose

This formula provides the precise buckling diameter required for a secure and effective steel wire braided hydraulic hose joint.

Ensuring Optimal Performance

To guarantee optimal performance of steel wire braided hydraulic hoses, it is imperative to adhere to the calculated swaging parameters. This meticulous approach ensures a secure joint, preventing issues like deformation and detachment, even under high-pressure conditions.

HQ hose assemblies
HQ hydralic hose assemblies


In conclusion, mastering the swaging parameters for steel wire braided hydraulic hoses is paramount for ensuring longevity, reliability, and optimal performance. By understanding the intricacies of compression rates, buckling diameters, and the interplay of various dimensions, one can achieve a level of precision that sets the foundation for a robust hydraulic system.

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