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Swaged hose fittings are integral components used in conjunction with high-pressure rubber hoses reinforced with steel wires. Mainly comprising a fitting nut, core, and sleeve, these elements are fused using a machine swaging process, ensuring a secure, leak-proof connection.

swaged hose fittings, hose assembly
swaged hose fittings

Applications of Swaged Hose Fittings

Swaged hose fittings are primarily designed to connect high-pressure steel wire-reinforced rubber hoses to other pipe components. One end is joined to the high-pressure rubber hose through a press machine, while the other end is coupled to other pipe components using the fitting’s nut or flange.

swaged hose fitting 20441
swaged hose fitting 20441

Assembling Swaged Hose Fittings

The assembly process of swaged hose fittings involves stripping a layer of outer rubber from the hose, followed by fitting the sleeve onto the high-pressure hose. The fitting core is then inserted to the maximum depth. The sleeve is then placed on the press machine and swaged using a corresponding mold. This process embeds the circular teeth on the inner conical surface of the sleeve into the steel wire layer of the high-pressure hose, ensuring a firm connection. Concurrently, the outer conical surface of the fitting core compresses the inner rubber layer of the high-pressure hose, creating an effective seal.

Specifications of Swaged Hose Fittings

Swaged hose fittings are recommended to be purchased as a set, including the sleeve, nut, and fitting core. Specific series, such as the 00110/00210 series, do not require rubber stripping, while others, such as the 00200/00400/00401 series, do. Various other series are also available as swaged fittings. Our company can provide fittings of all specifications in different standard systems, including British, American, German, and Japanese.

The Significance of Swaged Hose Fittings

In conclusion, swaged hose fittings are lauded for the convenience, reliability, and stability they offer for high-pressure hose connections. High-pressure rubber hoses reinforced with steel wires are widely favored for fluid connections due to their resistance to oil, high temperatures, extreme cold, and their flexibility, further highlighting the importance of swaged hose fittings.

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