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Parker offers an extensive range of stainless steel hydraulic fittings designed to meet the demands of high-pressure applications. Their selection includes A-Lok, CPI, MPI, and autoclave models, ensuring you have the right fitting for your specific needs.

Stainless steel double ferrule fittings
Stainless steel double ferrule fittings
swaged hose fittings
swaged hose fittings

Why Choose Stainless Steel Fittings for Hydraulic Hose Applications?

Choosing the right hydraulic fittings is crucial to ensure strength and corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel fittings stand out for several reasons:

  • Unmatched Strength and Durability: Stainless steel provides the strength and durability of traditional steel, making it ideal for high-pressure hydraulic applications.
  • Exceptional Corrosion Resistance: The high chemical and corrosion resistance of stainless steel extends the life of hose assemblies, even in the harshest environments.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Stainless steel fittings can withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -254°C to +649°C, making them suitable for various industrial applications.
  • High-Pressure Tolerance: Standard industrial stainless steel fittings are rated at 689 bar, and specialized fittings can handle pressures up to 1378 bar.
stainless steel hydraulic bite type fittings 1CB-WD
stainless steel hydraulic bite type fittings 1CB-WD

Applications Requiring Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless steel hydraulic fittings are essential for industries where corrosion resistance is critical. Key applications include:

  • Oil and Gas/Offshore Equipment: Ensuring reliability and longevity in harsh marine environments.
  • Chemical Processing: Withstanding corrosive chemicals to maintain system integrity.
  • Food Manufacturing: Meeting stringent hygiene standards with durable, easy-to-clean fittings.
  • Medical Devices: Ensuring sterile and safe operations with non-corrosive materials.
  • Agricultural Fertilizers: Resisting corrosion from exposure to fertilizers and chemicals.
  • Marine Applications: Enduring saltwater and other corrosive elements to ensure long-lasting performance.

By selecting Parker’s stainless steel hydraulic fittings, you ensure that your systems remain robust, reliable, and resistant to corrosion, even under the most challenging conditions.

We can supply all kinds of hydraulic fittings of Parker standards, welcome to contact us.

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